How to get the most out of Thanksgiving 2018

How to get the most out of Thanksgiving 2018

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Starbucks has confirmed that the holiday season will be limited to a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, but the coffee giant said customers should be able to enjoy its holiday drink mix at other times throughout the year.

In a blog post today, Starbucks said that “in many ways, the holidays are about sharing the holiday spirit with friends and family, and with friends, we have always worked to help people make a holiday day special.”

The holiday season begins on November 24, which means that people who have logged into their Starbucks accounts will need to log back into them on Thanksgiving.

But, in the event that someone is not logged in to their account, Starbucks will allow customers to purchase a mix of seasonal drinks.

The holiday mix will include seasonal beverages such as pumpkin spice latte, chocolate milk and chocolate chip ice cream, as well as other seasonal favorites like apple cider, orange juice, honey and caramel ice cream.

In the case that you are logged in, Starbucks says you will also be able buy the mix at stores around the country and online through November 25.

Customers will be able purchase the seasonal drink mix online at checkout, which will also include free shipping.

But they can also buy it in stores where Starbucks is open, such as in select locations, and at a discount.

The mix is limited to 1,200 calories per serving.

It will cost $8.99 to purchase and will be available on November 25, with a $2.99 purchase fee to apply.

The drink mix is available online at Starbucks and at select locations across the country.