How to get the best holiday cards from your bank

How to get the best holiday cards from your bank

August 5, 2021 Comments Off on How to get the best holiday cards from your bank By admin

The best bank gift cards for Canadians can now be found in the mail.

The federal government is rolling out new holiday cards that will be available to all Canadians.

In addition to the new Canadian holidays, the new card program will also offer cashback, travel rewards and other perks.

Many Canadians can look forward to getting a nice Christmas gift this year with new cards from ATMs around the country, said John Hilderbrand, a spokesman for the National Bank of Canada.

With the new holidays, Canadians can choose between the following holiday cards: Canadian Thanksgiving: Get a $100 gift card for $25.00 (cash only) American New Year’s Eve: Get $100 cashback for $100.00 or spend $100 at ATMs or gift shops and receive $50 back.

Canadian New Year: Get the $100 Canadian Thanksgiving Gift Card for $15.00, or spend the $50 cashback at ATM’s or gift shop.

Australian New Year : Get $50 gift card or $100 travel rewards for $200.00.

Chinese New Year and New Year Eve: The $100 Chinese New Year or New Year gift card.

Christmas Day: Get 50 gift cards and $100 bonus travel rewards.

New Year’s Day: $100 $50 travel rewards gift card and $200 bonus cashback.

British New Year (Christmas): Get $200 gift card to spend at any Canadian ATMs.

Japanese New Year(Christmas): $100 and $300 gift cards to spend on purchases at participating Japanese retail outlets.

Irish New Year Christmas: Get 100 gift cards, $200 travel rewards, and a cashback card to use at any Irish retailer.

Swedish New Year Day: Spend $100 or more in Swedish retail stores on the day before Christmas.

January 1 is Canada’s National Bank Holiday, and the new holiday card programs will be rolling out over the next several weeks.

According to ATMs across Canada, the Christmas card program can now accept credit cards, debit cards and cheques, but you will need to have a Canadian bank account to get a credit card or debit card.

The new holiday offers will be announced on Jan. 16, and will be distributed to retailers and ATMs in a phased fashion.

ATMs will offer the cashback and travel rewards programs in the coming days.