What’s the best holiday party? – The IrishTimes

What’s the best holiday party? – The IrishTimes

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A new trend has emerged in Ireland as families prepare to celebrate the holidays.

The Irish Independent reports that one company is planning to launch a holiday party in a Dublin suburb with the theme “holiday party”.

“It’s a new concept, a bit new, it’s new, but we are hoping to be in business in Ireland for a while and we are very excited to be part of this trend,” the company said in a statement.

The company is part of a group that has set up an Irish branch of its own, and the slogan of the party is “holiday, party and food”.

It is likely to be a one-off event.

“I think it will be a little bit of a novelty,” said Michael O’Sullivan, the head of the Irish branch, which will include a food and drink garden and a bar.

“It is the type of thing that we could do but we think it’s a good idea.”

The Irish government is considering allowing the companies to open an office in Ireland, as well as selling the party concept to others, and selling their business in the process.

“The idea is for people to come to the shop and buy the goods and get a little taste of Ireland and the people who work there,” Mr O’Neill said.

The holiday party could be the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging holidaymakers to stay home for the holidays, with a host of different activities aimed at helping those who are unable to work or stay home due to the flu.

There is also a programme for people who have fallen ill.