Happy Holidays and Juneteenth

Happy Holidays and Juneteenth

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Happy Holicals and Junhthses in 2017 article Happy Holiday 2017 article Juneteenth is an American holiday celebrated on August 18, 1863 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The anniversary is celebrated on the fifth of every June and the date of the celebration is July 4, 1866.

The term Juneteenth derives from the German word for “day” and it refers to the celebration of the first day of the year, or the first full moon of the new year.

Juneteenth, like all days in America, is marked by an extensive parade of American and European military, civil, and public figures, including presidents Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, George Washington, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In honor of the holiday, many people take pride in their patriotic duty and the dedication that goes into their actions.

Juneteenth celebrations are held at churches and public gatherings throughout the country and throughout the world.

Junhthes are an annual celebration of American military service and its sacrifices.

The American military has fought in all wars and wars since its inception.

Junhths also honor the sacrifices of all those who served and fought.

Junhets birthday is July 5, 1776.

The first official Juneteenth was celebrated on May 19, 1865 in Washington, DC.

The day of celebration is marked with an evening of music, dancing, and picnics.

People gather at churches, public and private buildings, and at schools.

The celebrations in Washington are organized around a number of special events and festivities.

For example, the day is also known as “Washington Day” in honor of Washington D.C. The date falls on July 4.

The anniversary of the American Civil War has been celebrated on July 8, 1865, which is the last day of World War I.

The National Archives website explains: “The date is a reflection of the fact that the Civil War was the most destructive war of the twentieth century, killing an estimated half a million people, destroying large swaths of property, and destroying the lives of millions.

The Civil War resulted in more than one million dead and wounded and more than a million forced into slavery.

The celebration of Juneteenth, then, has a long and important place in American culture.

It is also a celebration of those who fought and died to preserve our freedom.”

The observance of the anniversary of June 4 is marked on July 5 and on June 7, 2018.

The date has become the most important day of our lives.

In addition to commemorating the American civil war, June 5 and July 6 are commemorative dates in our country’s history.

It is the first and last day on Earth on which we are allowed to celebrate the celebration and sacrifice of American soldiers and sailors who fought on land, sea, and in the air.

It’s a very special day in American history and a time to remember them.

They are the people that fought for our freedom and fought for it well and well.

Junthes celebrations are important and they are also celebrated by many different groups of people.

They include members of all walks of life, from young families to retirees, farmers, students, and the working poor.

It seems like every day has a story to tell about the sacrifices that Americans made for our country and for each other during the Civil Wars.

The American Civil war marked a significant milestone in the development of the nation’s democracy and civil liberties, but it also opened the country to the world and opened the doors to immigrants.

The war opened up America to people from all walks and backgrounds and the country is still a country of immigrants.

It’s been a wonderful time to be here and I know it’s a great time to celebrate.

Junthaes celebrations in 2018 are especially important as our country faces challenges in the world, including the threat of terrorism and the pandemic that has struck the U.S.

This is the third time in the past 50 years that the observance is marked in honor in 2017 and 2018.