How to celebrate Christmas with the team

How to celebrate Christmas with the team

August 29, 2021 Comments Off on How to celebrate Christmas with the team By admin

It’s official: Christmas is here and it’s here to stay, even if it means that we’re going to have to wear white socks and gloves and have a good long look around the park.

That’s because we’re about to be part of the annual ‘Christmas in the Park’ at The Glen.

The annual event, which will run from November 25-27, sees the teams participating in a series of games including a Christmas Day match between the Northern Ireland and Scotland teams.

The games will be played on a flat, white, grassy field, so there will be no artificial lighting and no big screens to distract the visitors from their surroundings. 

It will also be the first time for the Reds, who were last to face the visiting Scottish team at The Globe in March, to face them at home since 2012.

The players have been invited to wear a variety of Christmas-themed items, including traditional stockings and gloves, festive hats, tinsel and even an electric guitar. 

The Glen’s iconic green field is also set to be transformed into a festive setting, with lights and trees to create a festive atmosphere for the entire park. 

This year’s event is being organised by the Northern Irish Football Association and the Scottish Football Association, with the teams competing in a semi-final and final.

The team with the most points will also receive a special ‘Treaty of Merseyside’ jersey. 

“The Glen is a popular destination for many of our players to visit over Christmas, and we are looking forward to seeing what the Reds players have to say about it during the tournament,” said Jamie Smith, the chairman of the Northern and Scottish Football Associations.

“We hope the team have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to welcoming all of you to The Glen.” 

The Scottish Football League has also confirmed that it will be sponsoring the event, with all the matches taking place on the same field.