Which holiday stores are stocking their holiday merchandise?

Which holiday stores are stocking their holiday merchandise?

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Holiday stations are stocking holiday merchandise in several of the busiest shopping districts in the country, but some locations are also stocking a limited number of merchandise from local manufacturers.

According to ABC News, some Christmas stores in Santa Fe, New Mexico, have opened stores that carry limited Christmas-themed merchandise.

Santa Fe Christmas Village will open a store on the second floor of its Holiday Village mall on Dec. 6.

A store in Santa Rosa, California, will open its second location on Christmas Eve.

A Holiday Village store in Orlando, Florida, will be open on Christmas Day.

The stores are selling limited Christmas merchandise.

A Santa Fe store sells Christmas apparel and accessories while a Santa Rosa store sells accessories for the holidays.

A Holiday Village spokesperson told ABC News that they are stocking up on seasonal items, but they’re not allowing customers to shop for Christmas apparel.

The company also said that the holiday merchandise will be available to buy from the Holiday Village’s online store.

Holiday Village will sell $25 million worth of Christmas decorations for its first Christmas Eve sale on Dec, 3.

The store is selling a limited selection of holiday decorations including holiday trees, holiday lights, Christmas garland, Christmas decorations, Christmas wreaths and a Christmas tree for $12.

A Santa Rosa Christmas Village location sells a limited assortment of holiday merchandise including Christmas decorations.

The Santa Fe Holiday Village location will sell holiday decorations.

A holiday Village location in Santa Cruz, California sells holiday decorations and holiday accessories.

A Christmas Village Santa Cruz location sells Christmas decorations and accessories.

Santa Cruz’s Christmas Village Holiday Village will be the first store in the Santa Cruz area to sell Christmas-specific merchandise.

The Christmas Village is the first Santa Cruz mall to open a holiday store, according to ABC affiliate KSLA.