The most expensive hotels in Florida, 2016

The most expensive hotels in Florida, 2016

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FLORIDA — The most affordable hotel in Florida could be the one with the largest outdoor terrace, a pool, and the largest balcony in the state.

The Holiday Inn Aruba in Orlando was voted the most expensive hotel in the Sunshine State, according to hotel data released by the Florida Department of Tourism.

The resort was listed as the No. 3 hotel on the list, with a base price of $1,076 per night.

The other hotels in the top 10 were the Marriott Marquis in Orlando and the Four Seasons at Orlando, which is not listed on the database.

The resort has more than 6,000 rooms, including more than 4,500 suites, according with the hotel’s website.

It also has a golf course, a tennis courts and a swimming pool.

The hotel has the most rooftop pools in the United States, according the website.

The state of Florida ranked second among the 30 largest metropolitan areas in terms of the number of rooms it booked in 2016.

The average room in Florida was $1.4 million, according The Associated Press.