How to watch the American holiday of Thanksgiving 2018

How to watch the American holiday of Thanksgiving 2018

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American holiday tradition begins on May 25th, with a big celebration of Thanksgiving and the holiday of the new year.

The American Thanksgiving Day celebration is celebrated by the US government with a large parade through the streets of Washington DC and the nation’s capital.

On Wednesday, the US President Donald Trump will host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the White House.

This will be followed by a holiday parade and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

On Thursday morning, President Donald J Trump will join with the US Vice President Mike Pence in a ceremonial parade through downtown Washington, DC.

The president will also visit the US Capitol for a traditional Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Then on Friday, on the American Thanksgiving weekend, President Trump will visit a military cemetery in New York City for a national day of remembrance.

The President will meet with members of Congress and will sign an executive order to ensure that veterans and their families can celebrate the holiday.

President Donald J. Trump holds the Medal of Freedom at the US Air Force Academy during the annual Congressional Black Caucus meeting in Washington DC, US, December 6, 2018.

President Trump will be joined by members of his cabinet, including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will join him in Washington, and Vice President Joe Manchin will be in Florida.

On Thursday, President John Kelly will travel to Washington DC for a ceremony at the National Museum of American History.

On Friday morning, the President will visit the National Zoo in Washington.

On Saturday, the American National Thanksgiving Day parade will be held in front of the White Houses Lincoln Memorial.

On Sunday, the Thanksgiving holiday will be celebrated by US military personnel and their loved ones.

In the evening, President J Trump and his wife Melania will attend a military service in Washington at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.