How to celebrate a holiday in jail

How to celebrate a holiday in jail

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Christmas in Italy is a special time for many Italians.

On the streets of Milan and Florence, crowds of holidaymakers gather to exchange presents, buy presents and even have a bit of fun. 

It’s a time of joy, of celebration, of feeling connected to the world around you.

But when you are incarcerated, this can turn into a nightmare.

This is the story of a man who is now in jail after he was caught up in a case of mistaken identity. 

On December 5th 2017, Mario De Stefano was at home on his balcony when he heard the sound of police sirens. 

He was not the first time someone in the neighbourhood had called police in the past week. 

Police told him to get out of his house.

He went to the police station, where he was taken into custody. 

His arrest and detention in Milan has since become a viral video, attracting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Instagram. 

Mario was not aware that he was being detained, until he received a letter from his lawyer informing him of his arrest. 

“I did not know who the policeman was and I was afraid he was a cop,” Mario said.

“He was in uniform and there was no way I could explain that I had never been involved in any crimes.

It was surreal.” 

Mario says he was in prison because he was trying to help others.

But his life turned out to be even more difficult than it appeared. 

As he was led away, Mario’s cellmate tried to stop him, but he was too drunk to resist. 

A few hours later, Mario was arrested again and charged with a crime he had not committed. 

But the police said he was not a member of the group. 

The next day, Mario found himself in a cell that resembled a prison cell.

Mario was not happy. 

I was a criminal, I was a thief and a thief had nothing to do with me, he said. 

When Mario was released, he was determined to get revenge. 

 “The next thing I knew, I had a knife and I took it to the jail,” Mario explained. 

In the video, Mario can be seen being led away in handcuffs. 

Now, after spending more than 10 years in prison, Mario is still determined to see his day in court. 

To celebrate Christmas in prison is not something you see every day. 

According to the Italian penal code, the punishment for a crime committed on or after January 1st is the same as a first-time offender. 

For Mario, the sentence was harsh. 

This is why the young man is now facing up to 18 years in jail. 

However, there is hope. 

An Italian court on Monday ruled that Mario could go free and is currently awaiting a ruling from the appeals court.

Mario is hoping that the decision will lead to a more lenient sentence for other criminals in the country. 

(Source: YouTube)