Which of these festive items is the best for this holiday season?

Which of these festive items is the best for this holiday season?

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Holiday cookies, for example, have become increasingly popular during the past few years, and this year, they’re also becoming increasingly popular at restaurants and bars, too.

And if you’re feeling a bit less adventurous this year (and especially if you have allergies), you might want to give your dessert a try.

In our latest episode of The Best of Holiday Cooking, we take a look at the top ten holiday-themed dishes you can make in 2018.


Pumpkin Pie With Pumpkin, Meringue and Cinnamon Meringues (M&M’s) M&Ms Pumpkin Pie is one of our most popular dessert recipes, and the dessert is especially popular at this year’s Holiday Cookie Week.

This recipe has a great amount of ingredients, and even though the crust is pretty sweet, the pumpkin and cranberries are a nice contrast to the rest of the chocolate filling.


Cinnamon Coconut Cream Pie (Espresso) This recipe is a classic.

This pumpkin pie recipe is the perfect dessert for a Christmas morning with a mug of coffee or coffee-infused cream.

You can also make this with a spoon and a knife, and it is quite delicious.


Chocolate Pumpkin Pie (Honey & Co) This classic recipe is also very popular.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on chocolate, try this pumpkin pie, which has a delicious chocolate-topped crust and a hint of sweetness.


Sweet Potato Pie (Sweet Cakes) Sweet potato pie is another favorite of this year.

It is also a classic and a favorite of our baking guests.


Pumpkin & Maple Cakes (Sweet Pea) This pumpkin-and-pea pie is a perfect dessert to serve at a Christmas party.


Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Sauce (Sweetness) This sweet pumpkin pie has a lovely caramel sauce, and you can use this to add some more sweetness to the pie.


Maple Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin pie is an easy dessert recipe to make at home, and we love it because of how easy it is to make.

If the crust isn’t sweet enough, you can add some maple syrup or maple syrup syrup.


Chocolate Coconut Cake (Sweet Pecan) This chocolate coconut cake is a simple dessert that is great for the whole family.

You don’t need to spend the money on a cake, as the cake is so simple to make and it tastes so good.


Pumpkin Meringu Pie (Kiwi & Co.)

This pumpkin pumpkin meringu pie is made with coconut milk and spices, and has a very light and fluffy texture.


Pumpkin Spice Cookies (Cupcake) This delicious pumpkin cookie recipe has some amazing spices in it.

If your family loves pumpkin, you might also like to try this recipe for a cinnamon coconut cookie.