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How to get the most out of Canada’s Canada Day holidays

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on How to get the most out of Canada’s Canada Day holidays By admin

A Canadian holiday that celebrates Canada’s independence and its rich heritage could soon be in danger, according to an expert who is calling for a ban on wearing headscarves in public.

A new law could be on the books in the weeks to come that would make wearing a headscarf illegal in public, which could have implications for many of Canada ‘s oldest and most famous cultural institutions.

“This is a very serious issue,” said Yair Rosenberg, who has advised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and is the director of the Institute for Israeli and Canadian Studies at the University of Toronto.

He said that although headscarve wearing is “not a big issue” in Canada, “there are still a number of people who are in a very vulnerable position.”

Rosenberg, who was in Ottawa to speak at a conference sponsored by the Jewish Council of Canada, said he and other Jewish groups have been concerned for weeks about what could happen if the new law passes.

The new legislation is being drafted in consultation with several Jewish organizations and the American Jewish Committee, which was one of the original sponsors of Canada s “No More Mosques” campaign.

The legislation would ban people from wearing head coverings in public unless they are accompanied by an Israeli official, or a person with a Jewish religious affiliation.

It would also make it illegal to wear a head scarf in public or on a public highway, unless accompanied by a member of a religious group.

“It’s a very complex problem,” Rosenberg said.

Canada s new laws have faced fierce opposition from groups like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, who say they will give Muslims a leg up over religious minorities.

Rosenberger, however, said that many of the same groups, including the Jewish council of Canada and the Jewish Association of Canada have been urging Trudeau to veto the legislation.

Rosenborg said that in recent weeks, Trudeau has expressed support for the new laws.

There has also been criticism from some Canadian lawmakers, including Ontario s Liberal MPP Cheri DiNovo, who said she was disturbed by the proposed ban.

Roserberg, however he did not rule out a move by Trudeau to support the legislation in the future.

But, he added, the Canadian prime minister must make the case for the legislation when he unveils it, “and we have to be prepared to explain the bill to Canadians when it’s being debated in the legislature.”

Canada is one of seven countries that allow headscarfs in public and religious institutions.

But there is a growing number of other countries that do not.

In 2016, Germany banned the wearing of headscarbs in public institutions. 

In a tweet Sunday, Trudeau said he would be reviewing the bill in light of “many concerns.”

“We are listening to your input on the draft legislation, and will continue to listen as we review it,” he said.

“While this draft legislation is not perfect, it is an important step forward for Canada and for Canadians.”